Copywriting Badge of Honour

One of my childhood dreams was to earn a coveted Blue Peter badge. It wasn’t to be…

Since then, I’ve bagged fundraising certificates, a degree, copywriting diploma and other stuff. Bits of paper denoting achievement… No badge with a ship on it though.

Being valued for what you do is entirely different, isn’t it?

For example, last week a surprise landed in my inbox. Boost CTR emailed to say my blog had made their ‘Best Copywriting Blog List’ – a compilation of top copywriting blogs on the Internet.

In such company as copywriting legends Copyblogger, David Carfinkel and Bob Bly, I was truly humbled… (after picking myself up off the floor, that is!)

Perhaps (one day ) I too will reach the dizzy heights of copywriting stardom as these three greats. Although I know my writing won’t end wars or stop poverty, I’m just happy to know others learn from it…

Browse through the list yourself. A collection of fine blogs…

‘The definitive list of great blogs for marketing copywriters and content developers.’

Respected by peers

Two years ago, acclaimed copywriter Dean Rieck included me in his list of ’30 copywriting blogs that are actually worth reading.’

At the time my blog was only two months old. So to be singled out amongst thousands of blogs was a huge compliment. Spent most of that week pinching myself. Still do…

As a writer, words really matter to me. In fact, they define who I am. After all, I spend my days toying with words, creating sounds and rhythm, painting pictures.

Some words induce laughter or tears, others provoke thought. Words inspire, pioneer, stir imaginations, enlighten. At times, words literally take my breath away with their exquisite beauty. I’m a John Keats fan!

Best of all, words have an infinite power to change thinking. I love that.

Of course, you only have to read iconic speeches by Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill and Emmeline Pankhurst for influential, life-changing words. Timeless jewels to look up to – that touch us at a deeper level.

As for me, my blog lives in a tiny corner online – oblivious to most. Yet within that space a wonderful thing happens. I share knowledge, help others communicate better and hone my craft. It’s just a nice place to escape to…

It’s also attracted new business, improved my search engine rankings (yes – it does work!) and I’ve met some fascinating people through it…

Patting myself on the back doesn’t come easy, so forgive me for enjoying the moment just this once.

Feels like I got my Blue Peter badge after all… ;-) *pinch*

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