Coffee cupEveryone needs a coffee break – that precious moment when you stop, recharge the batteries and just pause for a while.

For you, it could be a moment to mull something over in your mind, or a chance to catch up with what’s happening in the world.

Whether you prefer strong black coffee or sweet tea, kick-start your day with something fresh … something energising.

‘Copy Break’ comes from my slightly chaotic (yet organised…!) desk. As a busy UK copywriter, and private teacher, there’s always something interesting to chat about. You’re more than welcome to dip in…

Why have a Copy Break?

If you are a copywriter, business owner or just simply interested in writing, ‘Copy Break’ is for you.

Boost CTR Best Copywriting BlogRecommended by world renowned copywriter Dean Rieck, it’s packed with tips on how to:

  • Write powerful sales copy
  • Convert prospects to customers
  • Promote your business online
  • Improve your marketing copy

Further recognised by Boost CTR as a ‘great blog for marketing copywriters,’ there’s oodles of writing advice to help newly fledged copywriters hone their skills too.

The face behind the copy

I’m Nikki de Villiers, a Sussex-based freelance copywriter and owner of The Word Well.

Nikki de VilliersAfter staring death in the face in the 2004 Tsunami, it was time to adjust the compass.

Armed with a bag of experience from my 15 year teaching career, I trained as a professional copywriter – and set sail.

While continuing to teach privately, I freelanced for a host of companies – building a word-of-mouth reputation.

Today, I run The Word Well, a respected marketing company in gorgeous Sussex. Writing web copy with distinction is one of my loves.

When I’m not writing, coaching or teaching, you’ll probably find me cluttering up coffee shop corners or gazing out to sea on a favourite pebbly beach. Life’s too short not to grab the moment, isn’t it?

Copy Break Invitation

Please join in the conversation … post a comment … sign up for free updates. You can also contact me to chat about how I can help your business grow. If you just want to chat about writing in general, just get in touch.

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