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Is your web copy like a stage show?

Watching Stephen Daldry’s iconic stage show ‘An Inspector Calls’ at the incomparable Theatre Royal, Brighton, it truly had it all… The production of J B Priestley’s moral thriller had me hooked from the start. The rising curtain unveiled a scaled-up … Continue reading

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Master writer’s block in three simple steps

We’ve all been there. Staring at the screen, waiting for incredible ideas to pour fourth. Nothing happens. What to do? Check email to block spammers, reply to a friend, click into links… 30 mins on, another try. Nothing happens. Ah, … Continue reading

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How to supercharge your web copy

It’s no secret that well-crafted, compelling copy can open doors, start new conversations, give you recognition. Being noticed, after all, is a key business aim. That means quality content is here to stay…  No churning out meaningless content across different … Continue reading

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