Is your copywriting like the sea?

Copy to clear the headThere’s something deeply grounding about sea gazing. Just you and the open blue, and the endless sky. When my head is jumbled with work or life, the Sussex shoreline calls. And there, I simply let it all go…

What is it that has a hold on me, I wonder? The sea’s hypnotic music? ¬†Crinkly patterns of sand snaking along the shore? The mysterious horizon offering glimpses of a world beyond?

Whatever the answer, it hugs me close and doesn’t let go. I see copywriting like this. Words with their infinite power to change us in an instant.

Just like shimmering water washing over your toes, every word has to be reach the reader. Every word has to envelop.

Gentle swishing waves speak to me like soft whispers. You need that in copywriting sometimes. A mellow voice – one that captures your essence, your quiet dignity. One that readers feel safe with, assured.

At other times, the sea’s rolling waves cascade up the beach, voicing a different roar. A louder, more urgent, insistent call. Copy with personality.¬†Copy that inspires action. Copy that speaks with distinction…

Words that glow

Because that’s what real copywriting is. A distinct voice. Your voice. Not someone else’s. Not the industry standard. Your voice.

It’s interesting. Watching a sunset in its momentary blaze of glory has the same impact. Gone in seconds, its power is that it imprints a memory on us. It somehow melts into our soul – and touches us on a deeper level.

That’s what distinctive copy does. It captures both head and heart. And leaves a trail…

Think about it: if your voice is identical to everyone else, your words will go unnoticed, and be lost in the cacophony of internet noise.

Perhaps if you sought to write copy like the sea with its distinctive daily vista and its natural ebb and flow, you’d be heard. Try it…



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