How important is the truth?

David Ogilvy: ‘The consumer is not a moron, she is your wife’

Ogilvy’s timeless words 50 years ago still ring true today. The truth matters. The truth has always mattered.

With social media abalze with a blur of political truths, half-truths and lies, it can be hard to distinguish what’s real and what’s fiction.

Take President Trump. A ‘Marmite’ President if ever there was one…

Trump’s ‘heart-on-the-sleeve’ tweets have divided opinion. Some admire his open, direct language. Others are incensed by his ‘shoot first’ tweets drenched in supposition.

The outpouring of horror to his non fact-checked tweeting simply proves that people dislike being deceived – by public servants or anyone.

Make every word count

In business, too, it matters that you invest in getting your words right. That means the copy on your website, social media profiles, articles, blogs, marketing literature.

Without doubt, it’s a question of authenticity, of integrity. Lose these precious commodities, you lose trust. What’s that worth to you?

Words of wisdom:

  • Never make claims you can’t prove
  • Assume people are smart, not stupid
  • Show, don’t just ‘tell’
  • Sync words and actions – do what you say
  • Be true to yourself

In business, politics or life in general, you can’t win ‘em all. What can make the difference is when your words resonate with people for the right reasons…

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