How to supercharge your web copy

It’s no secret that well-crafted, compelling copy can open doors, start new conversations, give you recognition. Being noticed, after all, is a key business aim.

That means quality content is here to stay…  No churning out meaningless content across different channels hoping someone notices you. 2015 on is about writing for your specific audience. Micro-targeting…

1. Offer value to your audience. Think educational content…

What information can you share to help your niche audience? Consider videos or blog posts which explain and advise.

Writing about your business won’t generate interest. Writing about your audience will…

This year, write content which ‘speaks’ to your target audience. Ask yourself this: what will make a difference to them? How can you help them:

  • Work better
  • Get organised
  • Generate profit
  • Enjoy life
  • Solve problems
  • Gain confidence

The list is endless… Main aim is to write copy which enriches life in some way – tapping into people’s wants and desires.

2. Understand the power of personal

Web copy is often badly written because businesses are not trained to write for their audience.

They might know their business inside out, but when it comes to communicating in the written word, copy can fall far short.

The impact? The very eyeballs you want to attract don’t notice you.

Where do you start? The first rule of thumb is to remember your audience is human. They’ve everyday issues and problems which you can be the answer to.

Try these ideas:

  • Build psychological, emotional benefits into copy – tapping into what your prospects really want
  • Switch ‘we’ sentences to ‘you’ ones to help you focus on your audience
  • People buy what something does for them, not the product itself. Help readers envision how their life could change as a result: tell a story where you  sell the benefits of product features…

The trick is to explain how you can help them achieve what they want… But in a supportive way which shows you understand their world.

Impersonal copy won’t grow your business. More personalised copy (with a voice) will… Try it.

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