Is your web copy selfish?

are you tweeting at me?The most meaningful interactions in life are often the simplest. Smiling. Saying thanks. Listening…

Copywriting is a conversation – with prospects, with people you ‘meet’ you online, with clients. It’s not a one way street, but a meeting of minds.

Think of a conversation you’ve had with someone recently. Did the other person just talk about themselves without asking you a single question?

I’ve been in this situation more times than I care to remember. And switched off. Nodding politely, I’d make my excuses to end the conversation to mingle with others. Have you experienced this too?

The best conversation is full of banter, sharing, discovering new things. The kind of conversation you remember. Where you find yourself warming to the person. Where questions flow freely, and there’s a connection.

Your marketing copy is no different to this… At all.

Put simply: selfless copy wins customers.

6 easy ways to engage website visitors:

  • Start more sentences with ‘you’ and ‘yours’ not ‘I’ or ‘we’
  • Show empathy for the reader’s problem, and then be the answer
  • Sell the benefits of your service, not just the features
  • Ask questions – show you are interested, involve readers
  • Inject a real voice into your copy, rather than sounding like every other accountant, VA, coach…
  • Tell a story, and then relate it back to the reader

Now try this: read through your website as a prospect. How do you come across? Be honest.

‘Selling’ is not the first priority. Engaging the person you are talking to is. Without it, they won’t connect with you – and won’t buy in to what you are selling.

So if you catch yourself speaking ‘at’ people or talking about yourself rather than engaging with people first, change your copy. Today. Let me know what difference it makes?

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