Your authentic voice matters more than ever

In this alt-fact, ‘fake news’ era, it often seems impossible to distinguish the truth. Outcry at President Trump and some politicians UK side shows what people respect: honesty.

The words we choose play a pivotal role in this. Just look at the ‘Brexit means Brexit’ kerfuffle… Such meaningless phrases awash with controversy do little to inspire confidence.

In fact, should any word-spinning or double-speak temporarily ‘con’ people into believing a promise, credibility is inevitably destroyed when delivery fails. Why risk integrity?

As business owners, it’s an important lesson – that few things matter more than staying true to who we are. Let’s face it: a broken promise is a breach of trust. Once trust is lost, it’s hard to claw back.

How easy is it for a business to create distrust?

Very. Time and again websites make the same mistakes. Crammed full of clichés or trite phrases which ‘everybody’ seems to use might put would-be buyers off.

Take the commonly-used phrase, ‘We take pride in our professional service.’ What does this really mean?

The trouble with empty jargon like this is that it spells out the obvious. Everyone takes ‘pride’ in what they do, don’t they? Plus the opposite to a ‘professional’ service is downright incompetence.

Far better to capture a real voice which communicates specific values than one which says nothing. Here’s how to start…

How to create your voice

Crafting an authentic voice which people connect with and believe in doesn’t come easily at first. Read this story if you’re stuck: What difference do you make?

Next, list what you do – and then explain what difference each one makes to customers. Try saying ‘so what?‘ for each. It’s easier that you think.

Let’s say you are a counsellor. Rather than promote just the features of your business: ‘You can come to me for anxiety counselling,’ re-write it in a more human way to illustrate what someone could gain longterm.

‘Do you want to step beyond the hurt that’s dragging you down? Starting today, you can break free from worry and live a happier, better life.’ 

Think of your copy as a conversation with a person in front of you. By focusing on the reader’s needs in natural, everyday language, you are more likely to be heard.

Step into a customer’s shoes to find your voice

Let’s look at the example from above: ‘We take pride in our professional service.’ Here’s the point. You really mean this – you genuinely care about giving customers the highest quality service.

But it’s not enough to say you are ‘professional‘  as you are not saying what you really offer. You’re not quantifying it. What helps is to step into a customer’s shoes for a moment. Think: what do you do for them?

Let’s imagine you’re a private tutor. Perhaps as part of your service you create resources tailored to a student’s needs.

What’s the big benefit to parents and students? If you simply write, ‘I create personalised worksheets for all students,’ you stop short of promoting benefits.

Personalised learning targeting a child’s weaknesses can help them address their individual problems straightaway, and equip them with skills they need.

The result? A more confident, happier child who feels more empowered. THIS is what you are selling. THIS is the difference.

In your copy, you might write instead: ‘By getting to know what’s behind your child’s learning problems, I then tailor lessons to your child’s exact needs. The result? No more struggling day in day out as they’ll feel much happier and confident than ever before.’

Once you focus your copy on what the customer can get as a result of what you do, you’ll be closer to creating an authentic voice listened to.

Need another nudge?

Still unsure how to reach out with words? Check out ‘Does your web copy really speak to people?’

And when you need a copywriter who can make your voice heard, feel free to get in touch whether you’re in glorious Sussex, Birmingham or Scotland.


Image courtesy of Yvette Lamidey

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Is your copywriting like the sea?

Copy to clear the headThere’s something deeply grounding about sea gazing. Just you and the open blue, and the endless sky. When my head is jumbled with work or life, the Sussex shoreline calls. And there, I simply let it all go…

What is it that has a hold on me, I wonder? The sea’s hypnotic music?  Crinkly patterns of sand snaking along the shore? The mysterious horizon offering glimpses of a world beyond?

Whatever the answer, it hugs me close and doesn’t let go. I see copywriting like this. Words with their infinite power to change us in an instant.

Just like shimmering water washing over your toes, every word has to be reach the reader. Every word has to envelop.

Gentle swishing waves speak to me like soft whispers. You need that in copywriting sometimes. A mellow voice – one that captures your essence, your quiet dignity. One that readers feel safe with, assured.

At other times, the sea’s rolling waves cascade up the beach, voicing a different roar. A louder, more urgent, insistent call. Copy with personality. Copy that inspires action. Copy that speaks with distinction…

Words that glow

Because that’s what real copywriting is. A distinct voice. Your voice. Not someone else’s. Not the industry standard. Your voice.

It’s interesting. Watching a sunset in its momentary blaze of glory has the same impact. Gone in seconds, its power is that it imprints a memory on us. It somehow melts into our soul – and touches us on a deeper level.

That’s what distinctive copy does. It captures both head and heart. And leaves a trail…

Think about it: if your voice is identical to everyone else, your words will go unnoticed, and be lost in the cacophony of internet noise.

Perhaps if you sought to write copy like the sea with its distinctive daily vista and its natural ebb and flow, you’d be heard. Try it…



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Ready to unleash your website’s potential?

Does your website make money?

With online opportunities galore, is your website ready? After all, as your 24/7 advert, it needs to work hard for you.

First off, is it working now?  How many times have you noticed these warning signs?

  • Visitors leave without buying or contacting you – at all
  • Your website isn’t found in Google’s search listings for targeted phrases
  • Your website doesn’t work like it used to

The truth is, this happens to many great businesses. Don’t worry yourself into the ground…  There’s plenty you can do today to turn things round fast.

Unsure where to start? Book a website review to get the ball rolling.

And in just one month’s time, you’ll be in a stronger position to make THIS your best year ever.

What do you get?

  • A full report of your web content flagging up flaws and weaknesses
  • Recommendations on how to dramatically improve your content
  • Expert copywriting advice, as well as technical know-how
  • Inside nuggets to help you boost traffic and sales opportunities
  • The experience of a proven SEO and copywriting specialist

Best of all, you get all of this at a steal.

The affordable website makeover

With reviews usually starting at £240, I’m slashing the price to £120 for just two clients a month. But only until Easter 2017.  

Take the opportunity to discover:

  • how to create a brand voice which people listen to
  • how to cut through the internet noise
  • how to get visitors interacting with you

Plus, find out how to unleash your website’s true potential – and what steps you need to make it happen!

What did chuffed-to-bits clients say?

“What an absolute dream you are. This is an amazing 8 page report. Really helpful and accessible. You’ve picked out some good examples so I can see exactly what you mean.  A really positive way to get some useful perspective. Thank you so much.” Tania Clarke.

Ahead of my new website for my rebranded photography business going live, I took advantage of Nikki’s excellent SEO  review to assess what changes and tweaks would be advisable ahead of my go live. What a service! A thoroughly comprehensive review full of observations and suggestions to improve things. Thanks so much!’ Jenny Stewart

‘What an amazingly detailed report. I’ll need to re-read it several times to let it all sink in. Thank you so much!’ Stella Mannering – Interior Designer

‘Thank you for this excellent review with both positive and constructive criticism. You have my vote!’ Gill Monk

“Nikki reviewed my new website and discovered many flaws! After putting them right and getting my site from page 12 to page 1 on Google, I can say Nikki has been invaluable to the success of my business.” Jane Hamerton

“Nikki completely surpassed my expectations for the web & SEO review. With a fast turnaround to meet my challenging timescales, her clear analysis provided concise and actionable recommendations – just what was needed. Friendly, professional, expert!” NFT Logistics

I’m in. What do I do?

First come, first served. To snap up your bargain review this month and get your marketing off to a profitable start, get in touch. 


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