3 Reasons Your Website Won’t Attract Leads

Bounce or stick?

You’ve invested in website design – you’re raring to go! So where’s the tonne of traffic you expected?

Why are visitors bouncing off your landing pages?

Just being online isn’t enough to attract real clients.

Not only are you competing with thousands of other websites for top search listings, but your website must press visitors’ buttons instantly.

Does yours? If not, why not?

No personality

A website must tell a story, have a human face. It’s true what they say: people buy from people. After all, you’re not a ‘corporate solution’ are you?

It’s best to come across as a human company who deals with human situations without sounding like everyone else.

Ask yourself:

  • Does your website have a picture of you or a video?
  • Is there an ‘about’ page revealing who’s behind the business?
  • Does the copy focus on how you can help readers?

Rather than being side-tracked by keyword phrases and keyword density etc, think about the user experience. Besides, you have seconds to give visitors reasons to stay and find out more about you. What matters first?

Make sure it’s obvious who you are, and that you are more than just a label. Don’t be afraid to inject humour and realism into web copy either!

Poor communication

If your copy’s littered with ‘we pride ourselves on our bespoke solutions’ or ‘service offerings’ it’s time to make changes. This sort of copy doesn’t communicate – it ‘talks at’ people.

Put simply, business jargon and clichés bore visitors. Wouldn’t you rather be a dynamic, distinctive brand than sound like everyone else?

Sadly, this is a common mistake that too many businesses make…. Rather than a natural, warm tone speaking directly to visitors, countless websites are stuffed with self-congratulatory sentences starting with ‘we’ and ‘our.’

Whilst it’s fine to occasionally use ‘we’ phrases, by tipping the balance in favour of ‘you’ and ‘your’ sentences, you draw readers into your message quicker.

At a basic, psychological level, if copy is focused on the reader, your visitors will believe you are genuinely interested in them and their needs.

Try it for yourself: Which is more effective?

‘We provide office solutions to businesses with our secretarial services’ or

‘Tearing your head out trying to do everything at once? Whilst you grow your business, we’ll manage all the paperwork for you.’

Which has real value? Providing office solutions or ending stress? I know which I’d choose…

Remember: to communicate with visitors you need to make an emotional connection. If you don’t, you’ve lost them…

So if your copy’s cloaked in platitudes, imagine talking to ‘real’ customers instead in a more natural, friendly tone.

No appeal

It amazes me how many websites don’t ask anything of their visitors. Even if you simply use your website as an informative shop window, it’s important to ask people to connect with you:

  • A call to action on every page
  • A newsletter/report sign-up invitation
  • Hyperlinks to internal pages

People need direction, guidance and commands. In fact, commanding language is an integral part of marketing copy as it guides people towards making a decision.

More to the point – since humans are indecisive creatures, a command gently nudges them into taking the first step. Besides, you don’t get if you don’t ask.

At the very least, invite readers to contact you to find out more. Simple. Just do it…

Now over to you

I’ve listed three reasons. Do you have a fourth one to add? Love to hear it! Just scribble in the reply box…

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2 Responses to 3 Reasons Your Website Won’t Attract Leads

  1. I love this post – it echoes what we covered in our course this week. A lot of people are worrying about attracting traffic but will only be disappointed because their website makes them look like they are not worth finding! Would you be happy for me to post it as a guest blog on our website?

  2. Nikki says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this way…

    Yes, please do!

    Thanks Sharon.

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