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Do You Make These Serious Website Errors?

As a web copywriter, I’ve seen oodles of websites. From flashing, multi-coloured shockers that rival Blackpool’s lights, to the minimalist approach sporting one word per page. Some draw me in, so I linger for a while… Some don’t, so I … Continue reading

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Copywriting is a Journey of Fancy Dress Parties…

  An endless topaz sea stretches before me, with its mysterious reefs and silver sunbeam kisses. No footprint other than mine dents the sand. I follow a hermit crab’s sandy trail to the water’s edge, quilted with coral. Takamaka trees, … Continue reading

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Use Psychology to Communicate with Your Customers

Advertising genius, David Ogilvy, famously said, ‘A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.’ When you think about this for a second, Ogilvy seems to contradict himself. Surely you have to talk about the product to sell it? Or is there a more subtle explanation? Continue reading

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