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Sales Writing Without Bling

For some business occasions, your power suit is appropriate wear. At other times, it might look out of place. And if you turn up in bling, resembling an extra in an Eminem video, you won’t be taken seriously anyway. Copywriting … Continue reading

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30 Ways to Become a Better Sales Writer

Who can forget Ernest Hemingway’s shortest story: ’For sale: baby shoes, never used.’ How can six words say so much? Despite Hemingway’s literary background, many copywriters emulate his writing style as he applied a minimalist approach to everything he wrote. … Continue reading

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Copywriting is a Journey of Fancy Dress Parties…

  An endless topaz sea stretches before me, with its mysterious reefs and silver sunbeam kisses. No footprint other than mine dents the sand. I follow a hermit crab’s sandy trail to the water’s edge, quilted with coral. Takamaka trees, … Continue reading

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